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Hope From The Margins: Church History Informing Mission Today

Written By Laurence Graham

“Is there any hope for the future of the church in the Western world as it loses its former position of influence? The Church is not where it used to be. We’re marginalised.” That’s how many Christians feel in Ireland today and throughout the Western world. But that does not need to be bad news! During its first three centuries the Church was small, under pressure and marginalised yet it grew. Based on extensive academic research, Laurence Graham examines the ways in which the early church went about mission both within the Roman Empire and beyond. These lessons are then applied to mission in Ireland today through the lens of the author’s over 25 years ministry experience in local churches – big and small, old and new. The conclusion? Yes, the Church today is increasingly marginalised. But from the margins Christians can still demonstrate and share hope. This new book from Praxis Press has been welcomed by Church leaders from across the theological spectrum in Ireland.

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A short story about us…

There are unique challenges facing the people of God in Ireland. Challenges which resemble challenges faced in other places but are still unique to our island. And so it is that theologies and practices from England, Europe, America and beyond, while meaningful, will never be exactly right for Ireland.

This place, this island of poets and dreamers, with its legacy of writers and revolutionaries, of deep spirituality and profound faith needs to elevate its own voices and examine its own mind. In a post Christendom reality, the church must rise again to the challenge of mission, to see itself as sent, in love, to the world.

This is not a dire change but a liberating one. As one form of church begins to wane, a freedom actually emerges and it is here that the Irish voice will rise. We seek to elevate the naturally modest Irish missional practitioner. We seek to examine the context of Ireland as a place of mission, engagement and love. We seek to share the ideas, explore the theological reflections and tell the stories of ordinary yet brave Irish Christians who are searching and finding God on the frontier of mission. We want to elevate Jesus in His people, free and at work in this complex and wonderful place.

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We believe Praxis Press can be a significant resource for the church in Ireland. Our aim is to be an encouragement to the people of Ireland, for readers to hear the voices of those who have done the work of Jesus in this culture and in this environment.

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